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Service robotics is on the up, but software is lacking
Service robotics is booming, and according to the International Federation of Robotics, the industry is expected to grow a further 25% between now and 2020. The hardware has become state of the art, with manufacturers dedicating the majority of R & D to this area. Software, on the other hand, tends to be very basic and manufacturer-specific, and there is currently no solution for operating robots from different suppliers via one platform. This creates a kind of walled garden: Customers who do not want to rely on multiple software programmes must decide for, and stick with, one manufacturer for all their applications.
First approaches to compatible systems have been overly complicated and difficult to adapt, and the customer must invest a lot of time and energy in the initial set up of a system. However, this investment rarely matches the actual benefit. As a result, the overall shift towards robotisation has been relatively slow.

Our solution: integrated, user-friendly service robot management
We have developed a management system that offers superior compatibility and operates independent of robot model or manufacturer: Robolem (Robo Local Environment Manager). Our platform is built with convenience in mind and allows for easy planning, adaptation and monitoring of user-defined tasks.
One of the key features is a specially developed map. Displayed as a floor plan, the map provides a simple and clear overview of an area where a service robot will be deployed. Each section offers intelligent functions and can be customised or assigned certain properties that influence trafficability. This method creates a straightforward interface between the user and the Robolem platform, and users can easily adapt the system – no IT skills necessary. The only prerequisite for using Robolem is that the manufacturer of a given robot must support the connection to our platform’s API interface.

Our vision
Diversity within, and adoption of, robotics is set to increase sharply, and there will be purpose-built robots for every sector. Young, innovative teams with strong hardware skills can develop robots that, via Robolem, can be quickly integrated into an existing system.
There are already companies specialising in different applications within the technology and hardware fields. With Robolem being THE Local Environment Manager, our offering makes it easy for these companies to transfer their products to the world of robotics. This creates a win-win situation: Manufacturers can focus on their core competencies and do not need to worry about software and mapping systems, while users only require one tool for all their robots.
Robolem is to service robots what Android is to smartphones: a one-stop, all-purpose operating system. Just as computers are 100% IBM compatible, so too will robots be 100% Robolem compatible.